WELCOME TO Meher Foundations & civil Engineers Pvt.Ltd

Welcome to Meher, where quality work is not our first priority, but our only priority

Meher Foundations & Engineers was founded in 1986 as a Partnership Firm. In 1990, four years after its inception, the partnership firm was dissolved to incorporate Meher Foundations & Civil Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Since then, Meher has grown at a phenomenal pace. In the last 33 years Meher has undertaken major projects for Public sector as well as Private sector all over India. Meher has worked with leading Architects, Consultants and Builders & Contractors in the field of Pile Foundation, Soil Investigation, Bridges & Fly Overs, ROB etc. In the last 30 years, Meher has added assets including hydraulic piling rigs, JCBs, conventional winches, batching plants and cranes .