About Meher Foundations & Civil Engineers Pvt.Ltd.

Meher Foundations & Engineers was founded in 1986 as a Partnership Firm. In 1990, four years after its inception, the partnership firm was dissolved to incorporate Meher Foundations & Civil Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Since then, Meher has grown at a phenomenal pace. In the last 33 years Meher has undertaken major projects for Public sector as well as Private sector all over India. Meher has worked with leading Architects, Consultants and Builders & Contractors in the field of Pile Foundation, Soil Investigation, Bridges & Fly Overs, ROB etc.

Over these years, Meher has added assets including hydraulic piling rigs, JCBs, conventional winches, concrete pumps, batching plants and cranes to name a few. We own and operate all the aforementioned machines. A workshop exceeding 15000 sqft area at Jogeshwari (E), and 100000 sqft. at Vasai (E).

In 2018 Meher acquired all the work of its sister company Rajshi Constructions Pvt. Ltd along with Rajshi’s assets.

From 1986 to 2018 Rajshi’s major focus of business was in real estate and construction of RCC structures which include residential and commercial buildings, theatres, theme parks, hotels, hospitals etc. They specialise in turn key projects and high rise buildings. From 2018 onward, all works undertaken by Rajshi will be executed by Meher.

The Company’s success is attributed to the dedicated efforts of its qualified and experienced Engineers, Foremen, Supervisors, Office Staff and of course the Board of Directors.
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